Hi Thank You for choosing to check our our investment section.

If you are here I am assuming that you really like our work and may consider booking us???

AWESOME! We love that you have come this far!

I know that budget is a concern for pretty much everyone. I totally get that! I am hoping though, that you have come to my site because you can tell that we offer a quality product. With that being said I do want to give you an idea of a range that you can expect to invest if you are booking a full standard wedding with us

To book with Master Photographer Edna Eudave prices start at 1999 and go to 4999

Most of her clients will be comfortably spending 3500-4500 (For packages with at least one album and and engagement shoot)

That range covers pretty complete packages. Elopement packages or just images on cd with no engagement and no album are less.

All packages are customizable.

We do occasionally offer small custom packages for intimate weddings.

Packages for associate photographers range from 1500-3500

With most clients spending 2500-3500 fore pretty complete packages