How to not want to kill yourself or anyone else on your wedding day!

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                I don't want to shatter your idea of what planning a wedding is all about because there are people that THRIVE on that type of creative outlet.  So, let me start by saying that if you are a person who normally stresses over minor things and are usually high strung and easily overwhelmed, you will most likely be tremendously  stressed on your wedding day and planning your wedding.  If you are an easy going person you may or may not be stressed on your wedding day or planning your wedding.  I am not here to dissuade you to have a wedding. I think that weddings are amazing. They are the greatest milestone of your life and one that you have probably been dreaming of since you were a little girl. If you are prepared and know what to expect you can enjoy the beauty of the day. You can be free to enjoy being surrounded by all the people that love you most. You can smile.. laugh..and dance your heart out!  Soooo... I am here to give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so that you go into this PREPARED and with a smile!

                I very recently  had a bride who showed up to her wedding and told me "Edna! I am over this, I am soooo over this wedding I just want this F@#$%n day to be over with! Most of the time they don't  have to be this explicit you can just see it on their faces that they are HATING life! Most of them don't shake off the stress until they are pretty much drunk. Now, I am not advocating that you become an There are things that can help you learn to do before the day and on the day to keep you calm and happy.

                I have been shooting weddings professionally for over 22 years. Over the last couple of years I have noticed that there has been more and more overly anxious brides. I started to think why that could be. It could be many factors but I do think that with the popularity and advent of Pinterest, Facebook and other social media we can  judgingly see others'  weddings  and nit-pick what we liked and didn't like about everyone's taste. We have an inside glimpse of someone's  special day without even haven been invited. And don't even get me started on Pinterest. Oh my, soooo many beautiful and outrageously priced  weddings can be seen by anyone. I mean how crappy can it make you feel that your $20,000 already over extended budget will not get you those amazing vintage colored ranunculuses, scabiosas and geraniums  with willow branches grown in the Himalayas for every table!  How about that $8,000 designer dress that you just know you would look amazing in!

                Over  the next few weeks I will be compiling all my thoughts on this matter so follow this blog and get an inside glimpse into some amazing tips and tricks so that you can forego wanting to kill yourself and everyone else on your wedding day.

                So today we will start with my first tip

Tip #1

Stop thinking that your wedding day.....

                 will be a walk in the park

                you will look amazing the whole day

                everything will be perfect

                everyone will be happy and dancing

                you will have all the energy in the world to smile the whole day


                I always tell my brides that a wedding day is like a marathon. You have to train. You have to train hard. If you normally don't do any exercise and you think you are going to be standing in heals for over 12 hours, posing, walking, dancing and be ok.. you are greatly mistaken!

                Start wrapping your mind around the fact that you will be "exercising" for approximately  16 hours if not more.  That means that with waking up getting your hair and make-up done, hours of photography and posing, standing at the alter or ceremony site, more photography, speeches, dinner, dancing, shaking hands and hugging hundreds of people and then more dancing! YOU WILL BE EXHAUSTED!

                Start taking your vitamins daily. Add extra stress related vitamins B's. You will need the emotional, physical and psychological boost that vitamins will give you

Here is a great article that explains which vitamins are best

Don't get crazy and start taking them all. Try to find one good multi-vitamin that has added stress support. You don't want to get stressed about finding all those vitamins!

                Start exercising. Work into it slowly.  It will help you lose a little weight and help you get through your wedding day without as much exhaustion.  Sorry girls this is a necessity. TRUST ME. If you don't you will feel like a bus hit you the next day and will spend your honeymoon trying to recover.

So for hint #1 Get over the idea that your day will go through perfectly and without problems, start taking vitamins with added stress booster and start exercising

My next blog post: Get Organized

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Amanda G(non-registered)
Well said! Puts things in perspective. I can't think of a better person than the photographer to give the skinny on "behind the scenes" of your big day.
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