I can't remember a time when I was not holding a camera. I coveted my dad’s fully manual camera...the Canon Ae-1. It meant more to me than Suzi Q's and that was a lot to say! It was used more often by me than by my dad. Which in retrospect was probably not such a good idea because I'm not in many pictures growing up

I have taken pictures my whole life and everyone has always stated that I had an “eye” .. a different “eye” And so obviously I majored in Fine Art Photography with a minor in English Lit. During college I assisted for many photographers. I Learned from some of the best of the best. Soon I was hired on as an assistant photographer in many studios. I always wanted to push the envelope in photography, pushing the studios I worked with to shoot in black and white, sepia, cross-processed and infrared. When no one else was doing that type of “crazy” photography. No one wanted to change what wasn't broken! Well, I wanted to change it! I always want to change everything. I have never been satisfied with leaving good enough alone.

I decided to finally get out on my own.. to pursue my own “eye” even if it was thought a “square eye.” I have never looked back! My passion and drive for beauty, for the aesthetic, for the true, the real.. and being able to do it proficiently comes from having over 22 years of experience shooting weddings, portraits and so much more.

I'm crazy, psycho, passionate and tireless about my work! You will see that when you meet me.. so come on in.. let's hang out and talk about your wedding!

Edna Eudave
“Sometimes it’s good to be square!”


It is my calling to use my unconditional compassion, talent, creativity and deep understanding of human beings by deeply connecting with quirky, fashion forward, fun loving couples of all backgrounds and beliefs who are easy going and love to laugh so that I can capture the story of their hopes, dreams, happiness, true love, family moments and important milestones.